PCOS is No Longer a Dreadful Disorder

18/02/2020 by vedansha

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that affects a woman ability to have a child. It can also stop periods and can bring up the unwanted body and facial hairs. It raises the risk of other health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

However, you can get the right treatment and manage these symptoms with medication and hormone therapy.


No single test can definitively diagnose Polycystic ovary syndrome. Your doctor is likely to start by asking a few questions like medical history and symptoms. Your doctor might recommend a pelvic exam, blood test, and ultrasound.

A blood test can check your blood sugar, cholesterol and hormone levels. Ultrasound can look for tumors or cyst in ovaries and check the thickness of the lining of your uterus

If you are diagnosed with PCOS, the doctor may suggest some additional tests.


Treatment will depend on your health condition, symptoms and age. It may include medication and lifestyle changes. If you are planning to get pregnant, doctor will suggest some fertility medications.


Birth Control Pill – If you don’t want to become pregnant, then the doctor may suggest this pill or skin patch. It can help to regulate your periods and lower the risk of endometrial cancer. It also helps to get rid of excess hair growth and acne.

Metformin (Glucophage) – This drug is recommended by a doctor to lower insulin resistance, helps in weight loss and to regulate ovulation.

Lifestyle Changes

Maintain a Healthy Weight – Weight loss is a first step to fix your all symptoms. Dropping your bodyweight by a little can make your body more sensitive to insulin, regulate periods and can also control hair growth and acne.

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Be Active:  Being active can help you lose weight, especially the fat around your abdomen. Regular exercise can help improve insulin sensitivity.

If you still have any queries about PCOS, you may consult our gynecologist and infertility specialist Dr. Sangeeta Tajpuriya. You can also book an appointment here.


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