Last year we had posted the story of this couple – who had been to different cities across Maharashtra for IVF, and eventually came to Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur. We had got a positive in the very first cycle . And today, here we are – twins ! The couple is super delighted to announce to the world of their parenthood and doubly savor every moment of this wonderful journey. Thanks to medical science, thanks to IVF, thanks to the couple for not losing hope and Thanks to the Almighty!

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For queries related to IVF or Maternity contact 9168628982

Or Visit: Vedansha Hospital, 30, Surendra Nagar, WHC Road, Nagpur.

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#Vedansha #IVFClinic #TestTubeBaby #MaternityService #Nagpur — at Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur.


14 years of married life, without a child but still hopeful – that’s what brought this couple to Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur. Opted for IVF, got success and here they are happy and glowing with their little angel! Blissful life, Blessings of medical science. ✨✨🙂 #IVFSuccess #IVFInNagpur #VedanshaHospital #VedanshaNagpur
Feel the Joy of Parenthood with Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur – IVF and Maternity Hospital.
For queries related to Maternity, contact 9168628982
Or Visit: Vedansha Hospital, 30, Surendra Nagar, WHC Road, Nagpur.


8 years on after their marriage, this couple starts their journey of parenthood, thanks to IVF! Having a failed IVF at other centers across the city, the couple trusted us and in their first cycle itself, got a positive! Happy parents to twins, and Happy us at Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur! #ivfsuccess #ivfinnagpur #vedansha #vedanshaIVFNagpur

For queries related to Maternity or IVF, contact 916862898For queries related to Maternity, contact 916862898#hypertensionsupport2

Or Visit: Vedansha Hospital, 30, Surendra Nagar, WHC Road, Nagpur.

#WomenHealth #gynaecology #gynaecologist #femalehealth #childbirth

#Vedansha #IVFClinic #TestTubeBaby #MaternityService #Nagpur — at Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur.


No one couples one after the other rate us as the Best IVF Hospital in Nagpur.
After all, they could start their blissful journey of parenthood with us with a successful IVF procedure.
Pregnancy is a Blessing but sometimes it does come with its set of challenges. One such case of High Risk IVF Pregnancy successfully managed at Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur. ✨✨
The mother developed high BP and related complications in 7th month. It was though, successfully handled and the baby is fine and healthy, discharged with Happy parents! From ✅ IVF to ✅ High Risk Pregnancies of all kinds, you can trust Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur. ✨✨ 😇 #LifeIsBlissful #ChallengeTaken #IVFSuccess #HighRiskPregnancy #Vedansha #hospital #nagpur
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Our pioneering work has led to the development and implementation of new technologies and methods to overcome both female and male infertility. All of these services under one roof means that your care is never “outsourced”. Our beautiful and spacious hospital provides discretion and confidentiality. We understand our patients are placing their hopes and dreams in our hands.


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