Sonography, also known as Medical ultrasound, is an imaging technique based on the application of ultrasound. Its aim is to keep a proper check on a pregnant woman’s child growth throughout the gestation period. Ultrasound can be useful in high-risk pregnancy. They can also screen for Fallopian tube patency by a test known as SIS (Sono Infusion Salpingography). New higher resolution ultrasound systems allow physicians to safely monitor and examine the reproductive system in the early stages of embryo development. A complete foetal examination using ultrasound involves imaging the baby’s head, heart, kidneys, spine, stomach, umbilical cord, bladder and placenta to determine if any abnormalities exist. The same foetal exam can also be used to check for the possibility of multiple births, unusual orientation, and if the baby is positioned correctly. By taking measurements of the foetus, a doctor can also determine the gestational age of the baby to help date the pregnancy.






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