Types of Childbirth Methods/ Procedures

30/03/2020 by vedansha

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Different types of Childbirth methods.


Bringing a baby into this world is the most joyous, and an amazing feeling. But it is not an easy process.

The advancement in technology and medical science, however, has made childbirth a much safer experience for both the mother and the baby.

New and different types of childbirth methods can make the delivery process less painful.

Following are a few options / methods of childbirth:

“Normal” Vaginal Delivery

  • In vaginal delivery, the baby is born through the birth canal of a woman’s body. It is the most recommended way of baby-birth.
  • It has many benefits like a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery and a lower infection rate.
  • Vaginally born baby has a lower risk of respiratory problems.

Caesarean Section (C-Section)

  • In the cesarean section, the baby is delivered through a surgical incision made in the wall of the uterus and abdomen.
  • When planned in advance, it is called an “elective cesarean”. If complications arise during labor, in an emergency, this option might have to be taken.
  • Certain conditions like the presence of twins, a very large baby, baby in breech or transverse position makes it necessary to undertake a cesarean section.
  • General anesthetic might be used to ensure you have adequate pain relief during the operation.

Vacuum Extraction

  • A vacuum extraction procedure might be done during vaginal childbirth.
  • This method is used when a baby is on its way but suddenly stops moving further down the canal.
  • The doctor inserts a specialized vacuum pump to get the baby out via the canal.
  • Applies the vacuum to the baby’s head and the baby is guided outward through the canal.

Forceps Delivery

  • Like vacuum extractions, forceps delivery could be used during vaginal delivery.
  • It is used when a baby on its way but fails to fully come out from the canal. This could happen when the mother is tired and unable to push the baby out.
  • A doctor uses a device that consists of two metal spoons like blades that resemble forceps and inserts them into the canal to help guide the baby outward through the canal.


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