Menstruation ‘Must know’ Facts

06/12/2019 by vedansha

Menstruation is a normal thing for women and also good for their health. However, there are some facts related to menstruation that women are not aware of. This lack of information might prove dangerous.

Let’s see what these facts are.

Stay informed! Be cautious of your health!

Women suffering from Asthma experience a ‘Pre-menstrual Asthma’ in the week leading up to your period.

The “Menstruation” you get while taking hormonal birth control isn’t real. While flow might look the same, it’s not caused by the same biological processes

Facts about Menstruation
Cramps during a period can be triggered by various factors such as high estrogen, an increase in sugar consumption or irritation in the uterus.

Menstruation Must Known Facts
Heavy bleeding could be a sign of high estrogen levels, in which case hormone levels need to be checked with the doctor.

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