Test Tube Baby For Couples Above 40 Yrs of Age

07/02/2020 by vedansha

If you’re thinking about becoming a mother after 40, some natural conditions can hinder the joy of having a successful and safe pregnancy. Even a chance of getting pregnant after 40 through IVF with self eggs is comparatively lower than that before 40.

So, if you are a woman above the age of 40 and planning a family, this article can really help you take an informed decision about IVF.


How can age affect IVF results?

A Woman’s fertility starts declining after the age of 40 – there are less than 5% chances of conceiving with self-eggs’ IVF. Below are the few factors that affect the IVF success rate in a woman after 40 years of age-

  1. Quality of Egg

When you start growing older the quality of eggs in ovaries begins to decline rapidly. Chromosomal changes take place in the body making them less useful.

  1. Quantity of Egg

A doctor can collect numbers of eggs in a woman below 40 years which results in more embryos. Doctors can choose the best embryo to implant. Unfortunately, the same thing is not possible in an older woman’s case.

With a few and poor quality of eggs, chances of conceiving may go down.

Bottom Line

Infertility treatment comes after doctor consultation, ultrasound scan, and blood test, as it shows a reserve of eggs in your ovaries.

Once you contact the hospital, the doctor will check your egg reserve through some tests. If the test shows that you have a good supply of eggs, then IVF treatment will start with some screening and testing.

If your eggs are unhealthy or contain some genetic abnormalities, still, the doctors (fertility experts) can help you to become a mother. In such a case, the doctor may suggest the options of IVF with donor eggs.

It is important to know that the methods of treatments may vary on an individual basis. It depends on many factors like a number of attempts, health conditions, etc.

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Although many factors influence the IVF success rate after 40, the patient still has an opportunity to have a successful IVF treatment. At Vedansha Hospital, Nagpur, our fertility experts, lead by senior Gynaecologist Dr. Sangeeta Tajupuriya, help you clear all your doubts about IVF.

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