Witnessing a miracle!! – Autobiography of a maternity hospital bed

20/04/2020 by vedansha


Imagine waking up to screams of someone in extreme pain, a lady screaming at the top of her voice – a sound that you can hear from a long distance, the scream of a would-be- mother in her labour pain.
Yes that is exactly how I start my day.
I am a bed in a maternity hospital.
My morning alarm is either a baby’s cry or a mother’s scream.
Every day I get to witness life’s most beautiful miracle- that of a child birth!
These little angels sometimes arrive seamlessly and in some rare cases, fight for their life when they arrive. I get to hear their first-cries and I get to see the smiles that they bring on their mother’s faces.
I get to witness how the team of doctors arrive all geared up and execute the operation using all their expertise. I also get too see how sometimes the to-be-mothers fight with pain and how they eventually discover it was worth it, when they hold their babies in their hands.
Indeed it’s a blissful scene.
At my stay here, I have seen families and mothers, coming from all varied backgrounds.
While there have been rich families driving in their expensive cars and witnessing their prince/angel arrive in this word, there are these other less privileged ones too, who just make it to the hospital with almost no resource, but still be equally happy when their little ones arrive.
Childbirth is indeed a leveller and I get to see this beautiful moment daily.
Although my days and nights are filled with potty pots and nappies, I have little complains from my life.  I continue to build memories and witness this miracle again and again.
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