Infertility – Some Risk Factors

24/12/2019 by vedansha

Whether you’re actively trying to have a baby or just planning to in the future, it’s good to know if anything you or your partner is doing that might reduce your chances of getting pregnant. It might be your lifestyle or natural bodily changes; there are many factors that can cause infertility.

Here, we highlight some of these factors and appeals to all to take the necessary corrective actions.

Infertility - Some Risk Factors
Consumption of alcohol may affect sperm production & motility.

Infertility - Some Risk Factors
Being underweight or overweight may affect your hormone production.

Infertility - Some Risk Factors
Exposure to toxins like some pesticides and solvents may cause infertility.

Infertility - Some Risk Factors
Mental stress may affect female ovulation & male sperm production.

Infertility - Some Risk Factors
Fertility gradually declines with age.

Infertility - Some Risk Factors
Smoking may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.


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