5 Signs & Symptoms of Labor

18/11/2019 by vedansha

Worried about early labor? Here are 5 signs that will provide clues that time to meet your baby are almost near!

  1. Vaginal Bleeding

Change in your vaginal discharge (watery, mucus or bloody) or more vaginal discharge than usual

  1. Cramping

Menstrual-like cramps in lower abdomen. These can feel like gas pains that may come with diarrhea.

  1. Rupture of Membranes

Watery fluid leaking from your vagina (this could indicate that your water has broken)

  1. Abdominal Stiffness

Regular or frequent contractions that make your belly tighten like a fist. The contractions may or may not be painful.

  1. Back Pain

A dull pain in the lower back that comes and goes, as labor approaches


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